Reverie Blend



OCCICAFE is a co-operative farming initiative comprised of 250 small-scale producers from La Plata in Huila, Colombia. The co-op has been producing coffee for almost 20 years, since its inception in 2003. Areas in the co-op have virtual educational spaces, including a dedicated program for producers and their children to have easy access to education.

Jose Ordoñez produces this coffee with his parents and siblings across 15 farms. Jose is certified in Environmental Management, allowing him to maintain sustainable practices across production, as well as waste water control. Furthermore, in an effort to reduce his & his family’s carbon footprint, all coffees are grown, processed & packed in Bruselas.

Fernanda Raucci


This lot was grown by Fernanda Raucci in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, on a farm she inherited from her father and named "Terra Preta". Fernanda focuses on improving the quality of her product through education and technical support for management. 42 hectares of Terra Preta are for coffee cultivation, and the remaining 194.7 hectares are for sugarcane and other crops.