Cooee Blend

Ordonez Family


Jose Ordoñez produces this coffee with his parents and siblings across 15 farms. Jose is certified in Environmental Management, allowing him to maintain sustainable practices across production, as well as wastewater control. Furthermore, in an effort to reduce his & his family’s carbon footprint, all coffees are grown, processed & packed in Bruselas.

Pedro + Joao


Pedro Gabarra is a 6th-generation producer who grows coffee with his father, Joao Newton Teixeira. Environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance to Pedro and Joao. In 2019, they received an award for being the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil. The farm is also a rehabilitation and release area for native bird species and has 2 aviaries.

Edera Village


Yirgacheffe is a high altitude region, with some areas reaching up to 2000 metres above sea level. These high altitude climates result in warmer days & cooler nights, which can contribute to slowing down the ripening of the coffee cherries. The longer the cherries are in contact with the seeds, the greater potential for flavour and complexity in the cup.