Aimee's Caffine Detox 50/50 Blend 

Pedro + Joao


Pedro Gabarra is a 6th-generation producer who grows coffee with his father, Joao Newton Teixeira. Environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance to Pedro and Joao. In 2019, they received an award for being the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil. The farm is also a rehabilitation and release area for native bird species and has 2 aviaries.

La Serrinia


This lot is one of the only coffees in the world to be grown, processed, and decaffeinated in its country of origin. Produced by members of the La Serrania co-operative, situated in Huila, Colombia, this coffee is decaffeinated at Decafecol, using water from the Andean mountain “Navado el Ruis”, a snow-capped, dormant volcano.